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Is Your Soul Recession Proof?

Evangelists not only exist in the religious world, just look at marketers and entrepreneurs promising to help you become "recession proof" if you buy their course.

I know some of them because I write songs for people in their industry ( see: ) .

They may appear to be "recession proof" but many of them are weak when it comes to spiritual affairs.

They spend more time and effort on their physical bank accounts than their spiritual ones and therefore most of their decisions are based on the outer world. Is that really "recession proof"?

Beware of "Dangling Carrot Syndrome"!

Always looking and wanting more but never really fulfilled.

Some think they are more "practical" than me because they have achieved more financial wealth, but they lack the ability to see the illusion they are living.

I recently spoke with someone who does charity work for Veterans, stating that they keep us free. I am all for supporting Veterans, but I don't believe violence keeps us "free" per say.

There are always people profiting from wars, like oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi and the rest of "The Cabal" that are behind "The Ukraine War".

These snakes use every possible platform they can get their hands on to try and control the masses.

Money is their God, therefore their hearts are never full. There is nothing wrong with money or wanting more, just make sure your soul is sound.

Be open to learning and growing and realize, in the eyes of God we know very little.

As always, I wish you...



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