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Be kind to "Conspiracy Theorists"

“The Awakening” is taking place. Many of the old systems are breaking down and making room for a new way, yet also revealing many things.

Governments and People of Authority have been misleading people since the dawn of time, so why do you condemn your fellow Americans for questioning the narrative that is being force fed down our throats?

It’s not unusual for me to post things that trigger people. I don’t do this to cause discord, I do this to share different perspectives that I hope will ultimately lead to true freedom for all.

"Conspiracy Theory". This is a very interesting term, it insinuates that one that doesn’t believe the Mainstream Narrative is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, but any reasonable person knows that not everything you see on TV is real.

I notice how mean people can be to others that don’t agree with them.

I shared a post yesterday asking if Commander Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually landed on the moon and someone was offering me a “tinfoil hat” insinuating that I’m “crazy”.

Her father was one of the people that helped make the lunar module so she has an “emotional connection” to this topic. Understandable, but the irony of this is, I never said it didn’t happen, I just posed the question, but some people get defensive when you question things or don’t agree.

I notice how mean Republicans can be to Democrats and vice-versa. There was a time when people had more respect for one another and actually celebrated others' differences.

I challenge you today to not say or post anything unkind about your fellow Americans, but instead try to view things from their perspective.

I understand that some things seem so far out there you can't help but scratch your head, like people that believe the Earth is flat, but still, there has been so much deception that people are starting to question "reality" itself.

When we take a breath and look at things calmly, I believe we can see that we all want to live together in peace, love & harmony.

As always I wish you…


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